The Beginner’s Guide To Becoming A Foodie

When a person is wandering around the streets and tasting everything, the place has to offer. This is something that will allow you to...








The Beginner’s Guide To Becoming A Foodie

When a person is wandering around the streets and tasting everything, the place has to offer. This is something that will allow you to understand the subtle differences in the food which can add to the taste and texture. Foodies are often called gourmand and gastronome. This journey of developing a refined palette is to help avoid unhealthy meals to help focus on eating natural foods and drinks. Food Being a foodie is not just limited to making and consuming natural foods and drinks, which will allow you to get in a minute. There are many foodies who are making the right healthy food choices which help people understand even bland meals. With becoming a foodie, it is easier for you to understand the subtle difference with the wide range of tastes that is available at your disposal.

Healthy Foods

The reason to eat healthy food is to enjoy the taste without having to be worried about nutrition. It is important that you keep this in mind as you can easily become overweight by consuming too much. You might also suffer from tooth decay, type-2 diabetes. There is also other poor health nutrition which is associated with blood pressure, osteoporosis, high cholesterol, heart disease, and stroke. Healthy
  • Try to make sure that you are learning about food which is healthy for you.
  • Try to label and understand the difference between the labels.
  • Understand how to prepare healthy meals, Australian food pyramid can be your guide.
  • Focus on your caloric intake, which will allow you to have the right nutritional density.

What is healthy food?

A healthy diet is something that includes a lot of fruits and vegetables. Try to make sure that you have a balanced diet which includes a lot of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, which also has a lot of vitamins and minerals. Try to understand the food which works for you and the food which does not to keep yourself healthy.

Go Organic

Go Organic Eating the right food is not all you need to make sure that you are eating healthy organic produce which has fewer pesticides. Organic food is the best ways to go ahead with food which is not sprayed with pesticides. Organic food is free of all the harmful artificial ingredients and preservatives to help give it longer shelf life.

A foodie lifestyle

  • You can make it a profession by becoming a chef, baker or a nutritionist.
  • Make it a hobby by starting a food blog on international cuisine and can also help you visit different countries.
  • Join an organization where you will have many opportunities to enjoy the food and the experience.
  • Make a study to write books and guides to help people enjoy and savour foods and made a better selection.

Common Photography Terms All Beginners Need To Know

Digital photography is all the rage, but it is a tough art to master. There are a lot of technical jargons that you need to learn, which can be confusing for people who are just starting. Try to make sure that you are using the right jargons to help you understand when learning how to take the right picture. Here is a list of few common photography terms and definitions which is crucial to help you improve your skills as a beginner.


This is the first common photography term which you will constantly hear. Aperture is the size of the opening of the lens. The lens is a window and with large windows wide angles to help let more light while small windows can let in less light. Aperture is measured at f-stop, which indicated the working of the wide opening. Aperture is a three-camera setting which can help determine the image’s exposure, especially when it is in the dark.

Aspect ratio

Aspect ratio is the ratio of the height and width, which is 8*10. You can easily change the aspect ratio in the camera when you are trying to help print the right image or cropping an image. You can easily start by editing the image to the right ratio and printing the final cut.


Bokeh Bokeh is the orbs which create the light when the image is out of focus. This is a very neat effect which can be seen in the background of the photo, which has wide apertures. There is a lot of interesting effects which can hamper the image quality of the final product.

Burst mode

Burst mode is the best way which will allow you to enjoy the camera snapping the images as long as you hold on to the button. This will help you understand the button, which can allow you to get the right images on the speed.  This process is much faster with the fps or frames that can work per second. This will allow you to have a wide selection of the close-up, which can help you find the right picture.

Depth of field

Depth of field is the term which is used to refer the image in focus. The camera will focus up to one distance; it is up to the photographer to help understand the front and behind the point of the picture. The depth of field also helps you have a soft, unfocused background which can help you find the right depth of field. This comes in handy, especially when you are trying to have more of the image in focus with a larger depth of field that stays sharp.  

Best Wedding Photographers In The World

There are many who want to make sure that they have the best wedding and one of the important aspects that should not be taken lightly is the wedding photos. These are moments which are captured in a film to help people remember their day of love. There are wedding photographers out there who are proclaimed for their shooting skills bringing the wedding in a new light. In this article, we are trying to bring you the top wedding photographers in the world.

Jose Villa

Jose Villa is the master when it comes to soft, organic, timeless looks which can be seen in a lot of classic films. They take their time and try to capture the one moment that matters. This will allow you to see the initial connection, which can be consistent and flawless. They have shot wedding images for Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, Tamara and Adam Housley.

Corbin Gurkin

Corbin Gurkin If you are looking for people who can shoot something which is deeply romantic, old-world inspired and has a timeless sensibility and style Corbin Gurkin is your answer. They try to have a rich textured, natural, almost renaissance painting feels to their photo. They try to bring a sense of confidence to their images while placing the right light. They are well known to have shot Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, Allen Leech and Jessica Herman, Ashley Tisdale and Christopher French weddings.

KT Merry

If you are looking for a mode editorial style in your wedding images, KT Merry can provide you with the same. They try to strike the right balance with a combination that can be curated and have the right raw material which is made of real with the feels. They are trying to bring in the sense of fashion with their images. They try to plan their photos but also bring in the best of the celebrations. They have been involved with notable weddings like Kate Upton and Justin Verlander, Lea Michele and Zandy Reich.

John Dolan

John Dolan If you are looking for something understated elegance, unexpected moments, timeless memories which remain evergreen John Dolan is your answer. They try to capture some of the most honest wedding day pictures, that are non-choreographed and can allow you to have the best photographs. They try to collect the right moments, which can add to the elegance of the image. They try to make sure that they have images which can allow you to have a memorable and meaningful picture. You can see their work in the wedding images of Gwyneth Paltrow, Will Smith, Jenifer Lopez, Olivia Fleming and Matt Rubin, Ben Stiller, Kate Bosworth.

Best New Music Videos Of 2020

2020 has been tough on people one of the best ways people try to ease their stress is music videos. There are artists out there who are trying to evolve with their music and trying to bring out the best. There are a few music videos which can help lighten your mood and also be a visual treat for your eyes. Here is a list of the best new music video of 2020 that you can enjoy right now.

Physical –DuaLipa

DuaLipa’s Physical has a lot of dark, moody and sensual references which can allow you to indulge your eyes of the images put in front of your eyes. This incredible four-minute video is her new single from the album Future Nostalgia. You will see a mix of realism and animation, which can help you enjoy every moment of the song.

Life Is Good- Future ft. Drake

Life Is Good This is a song which is sure to spark joy in you. The whole scene is set when you can see future and Drake throwing their trash in the morning and how they are trying to work on a project which allows them to see something unexpected. This is a music video which can help keep your hopeful for the things that is come in the future. A must watch which will help you enjoy every moment of the song.

Rare- Selena Gomez

Rare is a music video where you will see everything sparkle. There are many beautiful imagery which will help you stay confident and allow you to enjoy every bit. This is the third track of her album ‘rare’. The music video can mesmerize you into the world, which is created through the music video. This is a music video for people who enjoys Selena’s songs but also want to view if for the visuals.

Guess What- Russ ft. Rick Ross

Rick Ross Another music video which help provide the vibes to motivate and bring you the best visuals,‘Guess What’ has you covered. This music video will give you a reflection of life and also allow you to see the glamour of the outside world. Pure opulence is something that you can expect from a Russ and Rick Ross for collaborations.

Be Kind- Halsey ft. Marshmello

The Music Video of Halsey allows you to enjoy an everyday song with Halsey feeling happy and dancing around the town. This is the music video which is sure to keep you dancing all day long with music by Marshmello adds to the flavour of the song.  If you want to listen to something jovial and also enjoy the music, Be kind should be in your playlist.

Top 7 Best Foods You Can Eat at Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives you the kickstart of energy to perform at your work. Having a heavy breakfast will help you stay active for the whole day without feeling hungry. Many people skip their breakfast and then hog during lunchtime because they are hungry from the morning. It can be unhealthy for you to eat more during lunch and dinner if you do not have anything to use that energy on. This is why the best meal of the day is your breakfast. Here are seven food items that you should include at your breakfast to make an interesting and healthy diet.


Eggs are the healthiest & most nutritious food that you must have in your breakfast. Eggs are effective in reducing calories while making you feel full. It helps in maintaining your blood sugar and insulin levels. It also provides 20 grams of protein in a single unit which makes it a versatile and protein-rich food. Eggs


Yoghurt of any type can provide you with the right level of protein you need for the day. It helps in reducing your appetite, which will help in your weight loss. Many special yoghurts can also offer probiotics that keep your immune system active.


Coffee is the right energy booster to wake up after you get out of your bed. It contains caffeine that is proven for improving mood, alertness, and performance. Although caffeine does not have much side effects, you can catch the compulsion of consuming it, so you need a balance of it with other foods. Coffee


Oats is the new healthy breakfast solution for everyone who faces a problem preparing their first meal of the day. Oats contain oat beta-glucan fibre which helps in reducing cholesterol levels along with other benefits. It also increases the fullness feeling so that you do not have to feel hungry till evening.


Fruits are always a must-have for any breakfast meal. Berries can be more effective in adding antioxidants to the body which freshens up the muscles and releases all the laziness. All kinds of berries are high in fibre and low in calories. Berries


If you want something crunchy for your breakfast and do not want to go for processed foods, try nuts. They are fast, nutritious, and also prevent weight gain. Even though nuts are high in calories, many studies suggest that it contains healthy fat which our body does not absorb.

Green Tea

An alternative to coffee in the morning can be green tea. It has many physical and mental health benefits. Green tea contains antioxidants known as EGCG, which can affect your nervous system in positive ways. It helps in alleviating your mood and reduce blood sugar and insulin levels just like coffee.      

8 Ways to Improve Portrait Photography for Beginners

One of the simplest and yet the most deserving concepts of photography is portrait photography. Photographers are always looking for new tricks and ideas to capture the best portraits they can, and yet every time they are pushed forward to explore more. Learning portrait photography is easy if you have an eye for perspectives. Using these tips, you can add more magic to your portraits while also using your own skills and style.

Natural light

Portrait photography is best presented in its natural form. Use bright environments with natural sunlight for your pictures instead of setting up things artificially. Use the sunlight from the windows to soften the light and make it more beautiful for the photograph. Natural light

Correct height

Always take portrait pictures from the right height. Your model’s eyes should be at the right levels with the camera. Use a tripod or any other equipment to set up your camera for the perfect shots.

Flash tip

When you are using flash for your photograph, adjust your camera angle alongside a light stand that balances the light with the flash. Most of the flash portrait photographs end up in the trash due to the oddly placed flashlights on the surface.


Never hesitate to try out different settings in portrait. Using overexposure in portrait photography can help you achieve a much cleaner and polished look. Overexposure can remove the unnecessary flaws from the picture without the need to edit them. Even though you are using overexposure, be sure to do it at moderate levels. Overexposure

Unordinary angles

Different angles can change the perspective of your photograph. A model shot from a lower angle may look more powerful. Likewise, a model shot from above will loot more stylish. Choose the right angles for different subjects to deliver the right view from your photographs.

Candid shots

Portrait photographs can really become magical if you can take candid shots at perfect settings. While you must have plans to take particular shots, you can also take some candid shots with your model. You can also take help of a second photographer to capture candid’s while you work off the planned photographs. Candid shots

Use of props

While most of the portrait photographers prefer natural settings in the back and foreground, there is no rule against using props. A prop can change or create new meaning for your photograph, both technically and perceptually. It can introduce vibrant with colours, add a story, or something that compliments your model’s looks.

Use a wide-angle lens

Most of the portrait photographers do not use the wide-angle lens as it can distort the objects that are in front of it. Traditionally, photographers use a 50mm standard lens for portrait photography. But a wide-angle lens can give you extra challenge to get more creative. You can also take another step and try out a fisheye lens to see the outcome.

5 Important Tips for Audio Editing

Audio Editing
Audio editing is a crucial step music-making. It is the part where the recorded vocal and music samples are mixed to provide quality audio outputs. It is the manipulation of the audio recordings according to the expectations of the project. Audio editing can be as simple as cutting the files and rearranging them and can also get complex enough to create well-edited audio tracks with all needed effects. Audio editing has advanced so much in the past few decades that every song that we hear today seems like a single event. However, there is a lot that goes under making a track as the pro production is edited meticulously to sound perfect. Audio editing is the reason why your favourite song is so popular. If you want to edit your audio tracks the same way as pros, you will have to start learning audio editing from today. These tips will help you create more polished tracks for your upcoming projects. Batch Fades

Batch Fades

Applying batch fades to your audio track is the common most important thing in creating any track. You will need to trim out every part of the audio that does not include any audio for the project. It also means that you need to cut out the silent parts as that may have noise. Adding fades to these chopped audio clips will be effective in generating a quality sound. But adding fade into each clip can get time-consuming, and that is why batch fading helps.

Split at play head

It is important to split the audio in precise locations to get clean edits. You need good ears to find out the spots that need splitting. The advanced editors learn to make an edit at the right play head location. Most of the DAWs provide this function to create splits automatically at the position you click on.

Consolidate regions

Sometimes, instead of splitting, you can extend a region to sound better. This method is used to keep the audio in time and synch the vocals with the music to sound natural. Moving the clips forward or back at a track can make a lot of timing mistakes. Consolidating the split regions with overlaying audio clips can make you land perfect timing on the beat.

Tab to transient

Slicing the percussive content can tighten up the performance and make it sound more professional. Slicing at each snare can get overwhelming. Instead, you can use the transient option to automatically detect transients which bounces the play head to the next one.

Multiple folders

Most of the professionals use multiple takes to pick the best clips for different parts and combine them into a single track. While almost all DAWs provide the multiple recording feature, it is suggested that you will have a folder with multiple takes of different parts from the track. The folder will also keep the raw files for you separately before you start making any changes. This will help you to start over again if you or your client does not like the edited version.