2020 has been tough on people one of the best ways people try to ease their stress is music videos. There are artists out there who are trying to evolve with their music and trying to bring out the best. There are a few music videos which can help lighten your mood and also be a visual treat for your eyes. Here is a list of the best new music video of 2020 that you can enjoy right now.

Physical –DuaLipa

DuaLipa’s Physical has a lot of dark, moody and sensual references which can allow you to indulge your eyes of the images put in front of your eyes. This incredible four-minute video is her new single from the album Future Nostalgia. You will see a mix of realism and animation, which can help you enjoy every moment of the song.

Life Is Good- Future ft. Drake

Life Is Good

This is a song which is sure to spark joy in you. The whole scene is set when you can see future and Drake throwing their trash in the morning and how they are trying to work on a project which allows them to see something unexpected. This is a music video which can help keep your hopeful for the things that is come in the future. A must watch which will help you enjoy every moment of the song.

Rare- Selena Gomez

Rare is a music video where you will see everything sparkle. There are many beautiful imagery which will help you stay confident and allow you to enjoy every bit. This is the third track of her album ‘rare’. The music video can mesmerize you into the world, which is created through the music video. This is a music video for people who enjoys Selena’s songs but also want to view if for the visuals.

Guess What- Russ ft. Rick Ross

Rick Ross

Another music video which help provide the vibes to motivate and bring you the best visuals,‘Guess What’ has you covered. This music video will give you a reflection of life and also allow you to see the glamour of the outside world. Pure opulence is something that you can expect from a Russ and Rick Ross for collaborations.

Be Kind- Halsey ft. Marshmello

The Music Video of Halsey allows you to enjoy an everyday song with Halsey feeling happy and dancing around the town. This is the music video which is sure to keep you dancing all day long with music by Marshmello adds to the flavour of the song.  If you want to listen to something jovial and also enjoy the music, Be kind should be in your playlist.


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